What...need help already? Well at least you're in the right place. Hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

How do I sign up?

This one's easy.

  1. Click Sign Up
  2. Enter your Name and Email address
  3. Enter your Sparc Shop Number (see below if this is tripping you up)
  4. Choose a User Name and Password
  5. Hit Submit
  6. ...and boom, you're in!

Sparc Shop Number

You will need a valid Sparc Shop Number to complete your sign up. Don't know it? Just ask your Store Manager or Owner. If they can't help, just contact us and we'll square everything away.

Log In

Forgot your password?

We know how it goes. Just hit the Forgot your password link under the Log In block and submit your User Name. We'll email your password to your registered email address.

You forgot your user name too?

Contact us and we'll help you back onto your path to learning.

You're doing everything right and it still doesn't work?

Let us know and we'll dig in and find out what happened.

Admin/Store Setup

How do I register as a Store Admin?

You should have received a Sparc Starter Kit or email with Store and Admin registration information. Check around the shop if you can't find it on your desk.

  1. Click Sign Up
  2. Enter your Name and Email address
  3. Enter your Sparc Shop Number from your Sparc Starter Kit
  4. Enter the Admin User Name and Password from your Sparc Starter Kit
  5. Hit Submit...
  6. and running!
  7. Don't forget to forward your Sparc Shop Number and sign up email to your staff!

Didn't get any Sparc Starter Kit or email and don't know what on earth we are talking about?

Contact us and we'll set you straight and get you behind the velvet rope.

How do I get my staff signed up?

Just point them our way and give them your Sparc Shop Number. If you haven't already rounded them all up, you'll receive an email telling you all this again which you can forward to your staff.

How do I know if my staff is signed up?

You are now master of your domain. Your Admin badge gives you access to see all activity in your store. See the Help/FAQ area in the Admin section for detailed instructions on how to work the magic.

What else can I do as an Admin?

Too much to list here, but for a more meaningful summary, see the Help/FAQ area in the Admin section.

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